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I am a solo artist who has been creating various styles of music for a number of years . A long time member of the AP( Acid Planet ) community and the grand prize winner of the ' Madmen & Dreamers ' remix competition held on there. Also just recently runner up in the 'Ali Handal' remix contest. Emphasis is nearly always on spacey sounds ranging from Ambient to Progressive Rock and beyond, which at times includes keyboards and more recently.... getting back to playing more guitar which i have sadly neglected as of late but thanks to the positive reviews especially here at Tapegerm i will try to bring you more!. Besides using loops i also like to combine my own work with the aid of numerous VSTi's

A random selection of Solaris tracks.
Recent tracks featuring Solaris sources.

Project-426: 10 Year Infection

The project is a collection of loops from many different Tapegerm resident artists, listed here.

Related project: 10 Year Infection by JSG58
Related project: 10 Year Infection by Solaris




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Recordings for Project-426

Clockmaker. by Kamakura:

Almost got it where I wanted it, then couldn't find the attributions. Luckily, Bryan rescued me. A bit of a tweak, some pampering, some cosseting, and... it is what it is.

. Credits: Razing Darkness International Garbageman SoLaRiS Shaud Buzzsaw & the Shavings Mystified David Alexander McDonald Charlie DeVico Cystem Zebra Mann.
A 9/11 Every Day by Blind Mime:

Many of the sources were sampled in Logic and performed in real time. 

. Credits: Lyric and music by Bryan Baker. © Brian F Baker. Sources by: Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, anixas, peeler, shaud, Zapruder Red, mystified, kongbalong, Solaris, Cystem, JSG58,.
Nothing Without by Blind Mime:

This is my first go at gaming germs.

. Credits: Sources by: Hal McGee, Solaris, mystified, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, JSG58, Virtual Religion, Anti-Gravity Workshop, don campau, Zebra Mann, Mellow Jeremy,.
Track 2020 1124075309085186 .69 by mystified: A Gamegerm track.. Credits: Generative mix by Thomas Park..
Track 2020 1124075309085186 .60 by mystified: A Gamegerm track.. Credits: Generative Mix by Thomas Park..
Drinking by Kamakura:

Making a 'thing' with ten random samples isn't a doddle!

When I first arrived at Tapegerm (following Blind Mime from Songfight) I was all about songs and lyrics. Now, obviously, not so much.

I used an old Mac with Logic 8 and dragged the ten samples in... and left them where they fell. Then re-used some elsewhere. I never knew the pope liked cornichon - I hope that's what the french translates as, not that it matters.

The end result, with an addition of a one take voice track is odd, nay weird. So 'weird' is its genre.

All in all 'twas BIG FUN!

Onto No. 2.

. Credits: Heuristics Inc Element 109 Project(s): 241 anixas Comp Guitar 2 Project(s): 428 anixas Drinkin Vocal Project(s): 428 Solaris Univeria Sekt Choir Loop Project(s): 426 Solaris Phased Confuzed Synth Pluck Bass Project(s): 426 Dave Fuglewicz Loop 002 Project(s): 201 CIIIGoff Generated Voice 1 Project(s): 38 Sin:Ned August 2002 - 10 Project(s): 458 Virtual Religion Hard Hitting Bass Project(s): 364 BPM: 160 Donhead Chorus 1 Project(s): 288.