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Nick Calvert was in several bands as a drummer, and later a vocalist. He picked Kamakura as a performance name in 2003 when he discovered Songfight and Tapegerm. 2010 saw Kamakura become a real band. They recorded an album (Dealing With Liquids), toured for a short while, then split.

Influences: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Mozart, Beethoven, Punk, New Wave.

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buzzsaw Mental Shell
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album: Kamakura's Gamegerm
genre: Weird
streams: 19

Credits: Razing Darkness International Garbageman SoLaRiS Shaud Buzzsaw & the Shavings Mystified David Alexander McDonald Charlie DeVico Cystem Zebra Mann

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Almost got it where I wanted it, then couldn't find the attributions. Luckily, Bryan rescued me. A bit of a tweak, some pampering, some cosseting, and... it is what it is.