Tapegerm Collective: Public Domain Illustration Project

The idea here is to create tracks from the source files submitted by other artists which are based on the illustration above. So the first, I am inviting other artists to create source sounds, loops, etc.,...

Russ Stedman: Russ Stedman Guest Artist

Bryan reached out to Russ for a contribution to the Tapegerm pool and he did.

Rootsy Records: Rootsy Records Guest Artist Project

Royalty-free Sources from the Rootsy Records guest artist project at Tapegerm, circa 2001.

Viral Assault: Viral Assault Loops November 2003

Viral Assault loops contributed to the pool in November 2003.

Viral Assault: Viral Assault Loops September 2003

Viral Assault loops contributed to the pool September 2003.

Viral Assault: Viral Assault August 2003

Viral Assault loops contributed to the pool August 2003.

Prankmonkey: A Midsummer Night's Germ

Prankmonkey's contribution to the Midsummer Night's Germ project. Go to the archive.org page to preview the source audio in this project.

Hannah Galli: 10 Year Infection

Hannah Galli Loops for the 10 Year Anniversary collective project.

Blind Mime: Cartwheels

This is a new kind of Tapegerm project. Rather than loops or other sounds, the source consists of an idea. A close friend's mother passed away from COVID this year and among the outpouring of well-wishes was...

Hebephrenic: Acoustica

Tapegerm Collective artists were commissioned to compile material for release with Acoustica circa 2003.

Tapegerm Collective: Tapegermination No3 Loop Pack

A random 10-pack of loops have been assembled and made available with the 20th Anniversary release of the Tapegermination No3 album on bandcamp. Order the album for $1 (or more) here:...

Tapegerm Collective: Tapegermination No2 Loop Pack

These loops are available as bonus material with a purchase of Tapegermination No2 on bandcamp for $1 or more.  https://gajoob.bandcamp.com/album/tapegermination-no2

GAJOOB Magazine: Homemade Music's Mix One

This is the project that started Tapegerm. Bryan Baker gathered sets of loops from half a dozen cassette albums reviewed in GAJOOB over the years. The idea was to pay tribute to the art with new music created from...

Tapegerm Collective: Dan Richert Circuit Bent Casio Guest Artist

Casio PT-180 circuit bending. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan-richert/sets/72157623234147309/ for images.

Mellow Jeremy: May 2003

Tapegerm Collective is making its entire archive of source audio files created by its resident artists between 2000-2010 available royalty free to mark its 20th Anniversary in 2020-21.  Please consider sharing any...
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