Project-426: 10 Year Infection

The project is a collection of loops from many different Tapegerm resident artists, listed here.

Related project: 10 Year Infection by JSG58
Related project: 10 Year Infection by Solaris




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Recordings for Project-426

Clockmaker. by Kamakura:

Almost got it where I wanted it, then couldn't find the attributions. Luckily, Bryan rescued me. A bit of a tweak, some pampering, some cosseting, and... it is what it is.

. Credits: Razing Darkness International Garbageman SoLaRiS Shaud Buzzsaw & the Shavings Mystified David Alexander McDonald Charlie DeVico Cystem Zebra Mann.
A 9/11 Every Day by Blind Mime:

Many of the sources were sampled in Logic and performed in real time. 

. Credits: Lyric and music by Bryan Baker. © Brian F Baker. Sources by: Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, anixas, peeler, shaud, Zapruder Red, mystified, kongbalong, Solaris, Cystem, JSG58,.
Nothing Without by Blind Mime:

This is my first go at gaming germs.

. Credits: Sources by: Hal McGee, Solaris, mystified, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, JSG58, Virtual Religion, Anti-Gravity Workshop, don campau, Zebra Mann, Mellow Jeremy,.
Track 2020 1124075309085186 .69 by mystified: A Gamegerm track.. Credits: Generative mix by Thomas Park..
Track 2020 1124075309085186 .60 by mystified: A Gamegerm track.. Credits: Generative Mix by Thomas Park..
Drinking by Kamakura:

Making a 'thing' with ten random samples isn't a doddle!

When I first arrived at Tapegerm (following Blind Mime from Songfight) I was all about songs and lyrics. Now, obviously, not so much.

I used an old Mac with Logic 8 and dragged the ten samples in... and left them where they fell. Then re-used some elsewhere. I never knew the pope liked cornichon - I hope that's what the french translates as, not that it matters.

The end result, with an addition of a one take voice track is odd, nay weird. So 'weird' is its genre.

All in all 'twas BIG FUN!

Onto No. 2.

. Credits: Heuristics Inc Element 109 Project(s): 241 anixas Comp Guitar 2 Project(s): 428 anixas Drinkin Vocal Project(s): 428 Solaris Univeria Sekt Choir Loop Project(s): 426 Solaris Phased Confuzed Synth Pluck Bass Project(s): 426 Dave Fuglewicz Loop 002 Project(s): 201 CIIIGoff Generated Voice 1 Project(s): 38 Sin:Ned August 2002 - 10 Project(s): 458 Virtual Religion Hard Hitting Bass Project(s): 364 BPM: 160 Donhead Chorus 1 Project(s): 288.