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I am a solo artist who has been creating various styles of music for a number of years . A long time member of the AP( Acid Planet ) community and the grand prize winner of the ' Madmen & Dreamers ' remix competition held on there. Also just recently runner up in the 'Ali Handal' remix contest. Emphasis is nearly always on spacey sounds ranging from Ambient to Progressive Rock and beyond, which at times includes keyboards and more recently.... getting back to playing more guitar which i have sadly neglected as of late but thanks to the positive reviews especially here at Tapegerm i will try to bring you more!. Besides using loops i also like to combine my own work with the aid of numerous VSTi's

A random selection of Solaris tracks.
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Solaris: 10 Year Infection

The project is a collection of loops from many different Tapegerm resident artists, listed here.