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Tapegerm Collective began in May 2000, spawned from a collaboration at homemademusic.com where loops from a selection of diy cassette albums were dropped into a pool that artists used to create new music. A group of these artists formed a collective project to share loops and evolve the resulting music over time; currently mutating into its 20th year.

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Project-20: Tapegerm 20th Anniversary

To mark Tapegerm's 20th Anniversary we are making the entire resident artist source audio archive available on archive.org. 

The source files are organized by artist on archive.org. You may download and use them royalty free with attribution to the artist and Tapegerm Collective.

We've further organized the sources on tapegerm.com into the hundreds of projects for which they were created. For instance, there are monthly project contributions by many artists from around 2001-2005. You might find it interesting to focus on one artist's loops from one month for one composition. Many recordings were created this way at the time so we wanted to maintain that structure here. Perhaps you'll even accept the challenge to create a composition for every monthly project -- 143 (we're guessing) in all!

Over the years, many artists outside the collective were invited to contribute sources for guest artist projects and these projects are being made available as well, along with lots of special projects such as Tapegerm collaborations with other groups and events as well as events of our own making.

Moving forward, we hope to see artists creating new recordings with our sounds and uploading them here. As you tag your credits to a project you will see it take shape as sounds are voiced by different artists and an album of contributions evolves, along with comments from creators and listeners alike to form a wholly unique experience. 


There may be files from other artists related to this project listed below.

Include "Project-20" in your credits to have your recording appear on this page.

Recordings for Project-20

Snowed In by Hebephrenic: . Credits: Loops by Axel Mundi Guest Artist, Fluxus Fone project-20, and Scott Carr. Composed by Scott Carr, released by hebephrenic..
Headspace by Kamakura: In the vernacular: this bleedin' track was a galumphing swine that really, really didn't want to play the game. It took threats, pouting, and extreme dicking about to get anything vaguely thingy. Anyway, it is what it is... isn't everything? . Credits: Sources by: Suckling Infants Network, mystified, CIIIGoff, David Alexander McDonald, Chris Phinney, shaud, Heuristics Inc, Sin:Ned, Dave Fuglewicz, M.Nomized, Kamakura..
A 9/11 Every Day by Blind Mime:

Many of the sources were sampled in Logic and performed in real time. 

. Credits: Lyric and music by Bryan Baker. © Brian F Baker. Sources by: Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, anixas, peeler, shaud, Zapruder Red, mystified, kongbalong, Solaris, Cystem, JSG58,.
Nothing Without by Blind Mime:

This is my first go at gaming germs.

. Credits: Sources by: Hal McGee, Solaris, mystified, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, JSG58, Virtual Religion, Anti-Gravity Workshop, don campau, Zebra Mann, Mellow Jeremy,.