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"laptop music performer. Currently in school to become a "Driller operator". But when he got some spare time away from school and family. He like to sculpture sounds, weird noises and melt it down to a soundscape or an endless rhythmic loop." -Tapegerm 2006

Mikael Eriksson

EUROPE: Sweden

Steve Reich, Brian Eno, FSOL, KLF, Kit Clayton, anything that clicks, crackles and pops, and of course Chain Reaction & Basic Channel Label.

Ambient, electronic, minimalistic, microsounds perfomed with "poly-rhythmic" - "phase programming" theorys in mind.


Björn Eriksson listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/21/05 05:46:24 and said: "Aaah, a long piece this time! :) Excellent, detailed and emotional sound construction! Hey, you manage to include lot's of feelings in this track! Why don't they play these kinda tunes in the shopping malls? If so I could stay there for hours just for fun!"

iN ThE HousE/kalmar listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/12/05 06:35:19 and said: "Very nice tune. wellbalanced sounds put together into a nice short story. Professional. I love this!"

Mental Anguish listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/12/05 06:11:16 and said: "Ambient deluxe mix ! Paints the perfect sonic picture. I can feel the oxygen level & it is very low. Awesome mix !"

cystem listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/11/05 19:12:45 and said: "astounding! this is something i WISH i could've done with the MTJ loops! great ambient mood, thoroughly enjoyable mix! fantastic! "

one stem short of a brain listened to My friend. the teacher. drops the flashback on me. on 10/29/05 06:53:04 and said: "excellent glitchiness! a very subtly engaging mix! great sound manipulations!"

A random selection of shaud tracks.
Recent tracks featuring shaud sources.

Project-427: A Midsummer Night's Germ

A Midsummer Night's Germ is a Tapegerm resident artist collective project from summer 2006.




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Recordings for Project-427

Clockmaker. by Kamakura:

Almost got it where I wanted it, then couldn't find the attributions. Luckily, Bryan rescued me. A bit of a tweak, some pampering, some cosseting, and... it is what it is.

. Credits: Razing Darkness International Garbageman SoLaRiS Shaud Buzzsaw & the Shavings Mystified David Alexander McDonald Charlie DeVico Cystem Zebra Mann.
Headspace by Kamakura: In the vernacular: this bleedin' track was a galumphing swine that really, really didn't want to play the game. It took threats, pouting, and extreme dicking about to get anything vaguely thingy. Anyway, it is what it is... isn't everything? . Credits: Sources by: Suckling Infants Network, mystified, CIIIGoff, David Alexander McDonald, Chris Phinney, shaud, Heuristics Inc, Sin:Ned, Dave Fuglewicz, M.Nomized, Kamakura..
Snowblind by Kamakura:

Snowblind is my second Gamegerm.

Sadly, I tripped over my keyboard and broke its power supply, so it was peachy hard. Still, needs must as the Gamegerm drives....

. Credits: GAMEGERM is Project-470. Buzzsaw & the Shavings Cajun 1 Project: 48 JSG58 C800 Project: 507 Shaud Midsummer Night Part 1-7 Project: 427 Suckling Infants Network Beat 2 Project: 449 Mystified Train Clack 1 Project: 381 Arthur Loves Plastic Chirp Guitar Project: 149 Blind Mime Synth - Sizzle Lead Kongbalong Bass Drone 1 Project: 479 Hal McGee Theremin 03 Project: 436 Jack Hertz Fantastic Planetscapes 4 Project: 9 Sin:Ned August 2002 - 3 Project: 458 Decaying Machine Sad Song Project: 509.
A 9/11 Every Day by Blind Mime:

Many of the sources were sampled in Logic and performed in real time. 

. Credits: Lyric and music by Bryan Baker. © Brian F Baker. Sources by: Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, anixas, peeler, shaud, Zapruder Red, mystified, kongbalong, Solaris, Cystem, JSG58,.
Track 2020 1124075309085186 .62 by mystified: A Gamegerm track.. Credits: Generative mix by Thomas Park..
PTrack 2020 1122213403349128 .69 by mystified: . Credits: Generative Mix by Thomas Park..
PTrack 2020 1122213403349128 .62 by mystified: A Gamegerm track.. Credits: Generative mix by Thomas Park..
PTrack 2020 1122213403349128 .60 by mystified: A Gamegerm Track.. Credits: Generative mix by Thomas Park..