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"laptop music performer. Currently in school to become a "Driller operator". But when he got some spare time away from school and family. He like to sculpture sounds, weird noises and melt it down to a soundscape or an endless rhythmic loop." -Tapegerm 2006

Mikael Eriksson

EUROPE: Sweden

Steve Reich, Brian Eno, FSOL, KLF, Kit Clayton, anything that clicks, crackles and pops, and of course Chain Reaction & Basic Channel Label.

Ambient, electronic, minimalistic, microsounds perfomed with "poly-rhythmic" - "phase programming" theorys in mind.


Björn Eriksson listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/21/05 05:46:24 and said: "Aaah, a long piece this time! :) Excellent, detailed and emotional sound construction! Hey, you manage to include lot's of feelings in this track! Why don't they play these kinda tunes in the shopping malls? If so I could stay there for hours just for fun!"

iN ThE HousE/kalmar listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/12/05 06:35:19 and said: "Very nice tune. wellbalanced sounds put together into a nice short story. Professional. I love this!"

Mental Anguish listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/12/05 06:11:16 and said: "Ambient deluxe mix ! Paints the perfect sonic picture. I can feel the oxygen level & it is very low. Awesome mix !"

cystem listened to Oxygen level at low on 12/11/05 19:12:45 and said: "astounding! this is something i WISH i could've done with the MTJ loops! great ambient mood, thoroughly enjoyable mix! fantastic! "

one stem short of a brain listened to My friend. the teacher. drops the flashback on me. on 10/29/05 06:53:04 and said: "excellent glitchiness! a very subtly engaging mix! great sound manipulations!"

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shaud: A Midsummer Night's Germ

A Midsummer Night's Germ is a Tapegerm resident artist collective project from summer 2006.