Tapegerm was formed in May 2000 from a small group of collaborators on a discussion board at homemademusic.com, creating music from loops culled from homemade cassette releases. After fourteen years of online collaboration, resulting in over 100 albums of music we decided to start fresh July 4, 2014.

Tapegerm is a group of recording artists who share sounds, graphics, written work, found art, mail art, video and other items. We are a community of artists who welcome evolving ideas which explore new ways to collaborate through various media.

The Tapegerm Collective is comprised of members committed to contributing to the collective work of the group at least once each quarter. To begin collaborating with artists here at Tapegerm, simply create a profile and then submit a request for full membership. start downloading source files from any of the Projects you'll find listed on the Projects page via the Projects menu at the top of any page. Then create a new recording using one or more sources from one or more projects and upload it.

You're also encouraged to initiate projects of your own. Source audio may be hosted here with your project, or elsewhere online if you wish -- just tell us where in your project description.

LICENSING: Sources on tapegerm.com are royalty free, Creative Commons Attribution-licensed Share-alike non-commercial -- please credit the source artists when uploading recordings to tapegerm.com or elsewhere. Recordings uploaded to tapegerm.com are freely available to stream and download here and are also Creative Commons Attribution-licensed Share-alike non-commercial. You may only upload recordings which are Tapegerm collaborations -- they must contain at least one credited tapegerm source element. We are interested in collaborating with you.

Visit the forum to discuss topics of interest, upload pictures and art to your gallery, share youtube videos, comment often about what artists are creating here and make some noise.