Project-99: A Midsummer Night's Germ

A Midsummer Night's Germ is a Tapegerm resident artist collective project from summer 2006.


There may be files from other artists related to this project listed below.

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Recordings for Project-99

Hole in the wall anguish by Kamakura:

You know when you're skint as a barrack room rat? Quietly, obsequiously you approach ... deep down you know what's going to happen, and yet still there's a glimmer of hope

. Credits: Kamakura - Midsummer Nights Germination Mix. Includes loops by: Giuseppe Bancomatti, Mental Anguish..
Prodigy by Kamakura:

Written during the Midummer Night's Germination Festival. I'm not entirely happy with the lyrics, but by then it was too late! It is supposed to be ironic... Get it?

. Credits: Kamakura - Midsummer Nights Germination Mix. Includes loops by: Cystem, Mental Anguish. vox, vocals.
Snowblind by Kamakura:

Snowblind is my second Gamegerm.

Sadly, I tripped over my keyboard and broke its power supply, so it was peachy hard. Still, needs must as the Gamegerm drives....

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