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Tapegerm's 20th Anniversary

By tapegerm, 2020-08-13

We're talking about a project to mark Tapegerm's 20th anniversary. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tapegerm

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Deadline for Harsh Reality Music tribute compilation July 4th
Electronic Cottage Compilation 7: Forgotten Memories Of A Harsh Future -- a tribute to Harsh Reality Music. Electronic music compilation.

Send WAV file no longer than 5 minutes, with artist and track title, via WeTransfer to haltapes@gmail.com. New shit only. Deadline July 4, 2020. Participation open to any member of EC Group or HRM Group. Only the best tracks will be included. Also, do not post your track for the compilation anywhere online prior to the publication of the compilation.
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Front Page Privilèges

By tapegerm, 2016-07-30
Front Page Privilèges

You may notice a change to the blogs and videos appearing here on Tapegerm's front  page. After dealing with a fairly steady spewing of spam, we've made the front page blog list show only artists who are collaborating and otherwise participating with us. Historically, that's determined by whether or not you upload a composition utilizing one or more source files you might find provided via any of the many projects on Tapegerm. You're considered a collaborator if you also just create collaboration projects in which we can participate.

Spam is considered anything posted by anyone who is not otherwise collaborating with us. Tapegerm is strictly a labor of love by everyone involved so you may find spam by artists only attempting to promote themselves or by bottom-feeding content trolls. Neither activity is productive here.

While we don't feel any obligation to do so, be forewarned that on any given day, profiles that contain content without having otherwise collaborated here will be deleted without warning -- the entire profile and its content. 

Now, go visit a project page and collaborate. It's good for the soul and a splendid time.

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Collective Source Drop June 2016

By tapegerm, 2016-06-01
Collective Source Drop June 2016

We have begun a collective source drop for June 2016. Just go to the new forum topic and add your own source audio and loops to the collection. We'll compile them onto archive.org after the end of each month.


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Weird Instruments Facebook Group

By tapegerm, 2015-07-11
Weird Instruments Facebook Group

I just joined the Weird Instruments Tribe group on Facebook.

Find it here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeirdInstrumentTribe/

It's admin'd by Travis Johnson whom I know from posts in various groups, experimental musician and artist.

Description: A group to celebrate, discuss and share unusual approaches to traditional (or invented) musical instruments or visual instruments.......

THINK: preparations of traditional instruments...........unusual recording techniques for said instruments..........invention of new instruments.............altered tunings............alternate playing techniques.........resources for creativity..........resources for listening........musical philosophy............THINK!!!

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By tapegerm, 2014-07-13

This looks like a cool instrument for Live. Pulsor is a Max for Live virtual instrument. It is essentially a monophonic synth that produces glitching/pulsing sounds and complex rhythmic soundscapes thanks to its odd circuitry. It can also create evolving lead synth sounds, monophonic bass timbres and many other unexpected noises.

Pulsor, the Strange Synth: a Max for Live Instrument

Visit Amazing Noises for more information.

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Welcome to Tapegerm

By tapegerm, 2014-07-04
Welcome to Tapegerm

Tapegerm is a place for recording artists to share sounds and create new sonic worlds. It is a close-knit community and we welcome evolving ideas, exploring new ways to collaborate. Tapegerm was formed in May 2000 and after fourteen years of online collaboration, resulting in over 100 albums of music we decided to start fresh July 4, 2014. It was time for a revolution.

To join us simply create a profile and start downloading source files. Then create a new recording using one or more sources from one or more projects and upload it. Sources on tapegerm.com are royalty free, Creative Commons Attribution-licensed -- please credit the source artists when uploading recordings to tapegerm.com.

You're also welcome to initiate projects of your own. Source audio may be hosted here in your File Uploads area, or elsewhere online if you wish -- just tell us where.

Visit the forum to discuss topics of interest, upload pictures and art to your gallery, share youtube videos, comment often about what artists are creating here and make some noise.

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