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Category: Taped Rugs Productions

George Orwell Meets 2017's USA
Ride The Train Of Dissonance To "Untopia"

Our hero, Glarmen Glamours, takes on today's Big Brother with sound collage and dramatic electro-acoustical vigor.

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The first review is already in (quote Gerbil Bliss...)

The perfect soundtrack to Washington crazy. Tired of trying to apply logic to the sh*t going down in our federal and state governments? Here's a soundtrack of a response. The Universe help us all! Enjoy while we still have an open Title II regulated Internet.

It's a Genre Party , produced by C. Goff III.  It's for people who like Art Rock, Sound Collage, Electronic Music, Dadaism, Thought-Provoking Ideas, and A Not-For-Profit Attitude. Thanks to all you Tapegermans who "contributed" to the project! Curious: Click The Pic Below And Go...
Happy New Year Everybody.

Jeeze...  Somebody's been soooooooo bad, I bet they're not gonna get any Christmas presents this year.

Somebody should get a spanking.

LaGrega & Goff Crack New Sonic Statuary

By CIIIGoff, 2015-09-21
LaGrega & Goff Crack New Sonic Statuary

Listeners Like Washes, Floshes, Clunks, Wunks, Samples, Damples?  Listeners like SHARPNESS OF FORMULATION .  Why not turn YOUR windshield wipers on?  Click the pic below and go...

Wanna taste The Machine Economy?  Here:



Challenging Non-Genre Dankness Fiesta

By CIIIGoff, 2015-06-09
Challenging Non-Genre Dankness Fiesta

1980's Avant Garde Composers DISISM just recorded a brand new unpredictable sonic adventure in the dank of Kansas May. 
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Thanks for your attention...

Walls Of Genius Meet Goff III In Magnetic Storm

Experimental Cut Ups From Cassette Culturalists. Five unique transformations of a single improv.  Think "William Burroughs."  Think "John Cage." Sonic explorers from the 1980's gather in the erratic light of the 21st Century. It's Online, On CDR, On Cassette. Curious?  Click The Pic Below And Go

Art Rock With Some ORIGINAL Tapegerm Spices
For fans of Zappa, Beefheart, Bowie, Rundgren, Barrett,  Etc. ..

Thirty minutes of experimental songs. A couple previewed at Tapegerm (the previous entity) and Aural Films.  All music derived from dreamed melodies and lyrics.  MIDI, Moog, Electronics, Guitars, Homemade Instruments, Vocoder, Samples, Etc...  Detailed album notes for the curious.

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The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours is available also on Cassette and CDR.
New Album: Tapegerm Creations Plus Spookie Sonics

Tapegerm-Based Creations And Other Spookie Sonics.  Trick, Treat, Direful Drones.   Goff III Manipulates Jack Hertz And More. There's a sonic criminal ready to steal your sanity at this site.  Travel at your own risk. Click The Spinning Tire Below To Roll...