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LaGrega & Goff Crack New Sonic Statuary

By: CIIIGoff
Posted in: Taped Rugs Productions
LaGrega & Goff Crack New Sonic Statuary

Listeners Like Washes, Floshes, Clunks, Wunks, Samples, Damples?  Listeners like SHARPNESS OF FORMULATION .  Why not turn YOUR windshield wipers on?  Click the pic below and go...

Wanna taste The Machine Economy?  Here:



06/01/16 03:59:53PM @blind-mime-studio:
Hey Charlie, I was exploring using something from this album as source material and just now noticed you have this licensed as non-derivative. Oops! Let me know if you'd rather I didn't use this and I can do something else no worries. Thx.