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LaGrega & Goff Crack New Sonic Statuary

By: CIIIGoff
Posted in: Taped Rugs Productions
LaGrega & Goff Crack New Sonic Statuary

Listeners Like Washes, Floshes, Clunks, Wunks, Samples, Damples?  Listeners like SHARPNESS OF FORMULATION.  Why not turn YOUR windshield wipers on?  Click the pic below and go...

Wanna taste The Machine Economy?  Here:



06/01/16 03:59:53PM @blind-mime-studio:
Hey Charlie, I was exploring using something from this album as source material and just now noticed you have this licensed as non-derivative. Oops! Let me know if you'd rather I didn't use this and I can do something else no worries. Thx.