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Creating new compositions from new and old sounds, either played or repurposed.

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Category: Creative Log

Gamegerm 230115

By blindmime, 2023-12-31


470, 241, 368, 458, 449, 101, 38, 364, 225, 342,


16, 231, 179, 43, 74, 35, 306, 181, 242, 195,


Sources by: Blind Mime, Heuristics Inc, Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, Sin:Ned, Suckling Infants Network, James P. Bergman, CIIIGoff, Virtual Religion, David Alexander McDonald, International Garbageman,

Review: CGoffIII's Genre Party

By blindmime, 2016-12-15

I've posted a review of CGoffIII's new album, Genre Party at the Blind Mime Studio website. A very enjoyable album, dear Charlie. Thank you.

Working on new Tapegerm Album

By blindmime, 2016-11-14
Working on new Tapegerm Album

I'll be working on a new album over the course of the next few months here on Tapegerm. I've thought about doing this of on and on for quite some time. Maybe it's just a matter starting, as is usually the case with anything creative.

I'm taking a page from Ken Clinger's book and will be writing a kind of Creative Log as I go. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck.

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia, for a 3-day conference for work. I'm the Creative Services Director at an AlphaGraphics in Salt Lake City. I'm the technical guy in the shop and now we're getting into a new software world (XMPIE) so I'm at the International User's Group conference here.

I'm crazy busy at the real job, so I'm not sure why I'm thinking I can embark on any kind of creative venture, but on the plane I was playing around with music apps on an iPad and was thinking it would be fun to do something new; at least new for me.

So we'll see how it goes and we'll see you next time.