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Michael A. Cosma began to play the guitar at age 12. Played lead guitar and wrote songs in several local Salem, OH bands including: Knightmare, Avenging Angel, Rebellion, and Rogue Elephant. Then worked solo for a while as Orpheus, YB Serious, and Seven Against Thebes whilst running the Mudball Records cassette tape label. Mudball has since transformed into an online website only with downloads instead of cassette tapes. The next era was an improvisational project with myself on the bass guitar and Justin Frederick on drums known as Aspect. We would then add guitars, vocals, and other sounds using a combination of a 4 track tape recorder and a computer. We recorded over 10 cd's as Aspect most of which can be located online and downloaded for free. I also started doing some recordings for the first incarnation of Tapegerm around the same time as the Aspect project. Over 70 songs were created and uploaded to TapeGerm. In this period (Aspect - TapeGerm) - I developed the alter ego of Anixas and recorded several works under this name which can be found primarily on Bandcamp and Jamendo. At the moment of this writing July 5th, 2014, I have now joined the second incarnation of TapeGerm - this time as Anixas!

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Mindbenders from the chaos-sphere

user image 2016-02-28
By: anixas
Posted in: Sound and Art
Mindbenders from the chaos-sphere

What is music? What is a song (track?). The popular culture and masses seem to have their own ideas of what these questions refer to. Most of the time, this comes from what they have been brainfed by the establishment and/or what their friends or peers consider it to be. Those of us on the Fringe or in touch with the infinite universe have very different answers and interpretations to these questions. Sound as Art and Sound as Sculpture. Is a verse needed? Is a beat needed? No, these are elements that may be used but not conformed to. There is literally an infinite sound pallet in front of you physically, digitally, and in your mind. Use it as you wish.

03/05/16 12:14:31PM @blindmime:
This is nourishing food for thought, Michael. Let's all discuss!

I've been thinking along these lines lately as well. Maybe in another context, but I think it's in the same area. In my day job as a graphic designer I'm always struck by how everyone thinks they are designers, but at the same time they think they aren't. After designing something it's inevitable that the client will begin request changes to color, placement, etc.

I think everyone is creative. I think it's human nature. It's how we make sense of the world, how we categorize and learn language and simply function. Unfortunately I don't think most people are "artistic". Their creativity doesn't explore outside the boundaries they've learned from others.

Most people's "creativity" lies in making things conform to what's accepted. It's always a struggle whenever I offer a change to some format. You always have to show how it's been done before.