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Zebra Mann
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Zebra Mann creates soundscapes using found sounds and recordings done by other humanoids. Most everything created has a horror/sci-fi sense about it. 

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Zebra Mann: People Eye Know

Another project by Zebra Mann. Let's hear from you.

Zebra Mann: Open Loop Directory

Open loop directories were made freely available outside the private resident artist pool.

Zebra Mann: Nature Sounds

Mix and hatch nature.

Zebra Mann: Miracle Water

Enjoy the sounds of miracles.

Zebra Mann: Loopy Spiderz

A special project by Zebra Mann

Zebra Mann: Bass Loops 2011

Bass Loops 2011

Zebra Mann: April 2010

Tapegerm Collective is making its entire archive of source audio files created by its resident artists between 2000-2010 available royalty free to mark its 20th Anniversary in 2020-21.  Please consider sharing any...