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Nick Calvert was in several bands as a drummer, and later a vocalist. He picked Kamakura as a performance name in 2003 when he discovered Songfight and Tapegerm. 2010 saw Kamakura become a real band. They recorded an album (Dealing With Liquids), toured for a short while, then split.

Influences: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Mozart, Beethoven, Punk, New Wave.

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A Buzzy Tale

album: TBA
genre: So Far Off The Wall It's Down The Street
streams: 1

Credits: Kamakura, Buzzsaw Open Loops, 24 Hour Flu, Free Loops Project 13, with voice and vocals, vox

Sourced from Project 56
Sourced from Project 260
Sourced from Project 114
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This is very silly, but I enjoyed it hugely.warning given. This is a homage to all the 'Buzzies' out there, and a lot of shows including the goons, python, Little Britain, and many many more.
It is not really danceable. Oh, and be warned, there might be more episodes... My 8th track<br


The tale I'm about to tell you
Is a tale for sunlit days
Don't listen in the dark my friends
Or terror will stalk your grave

It's a tale of good old Buzzy
Who is so far off the wall
He finds himself right up the street
Around the corner and down the hall

He hails from old Germania
I'm sure you know it well
The next universe along by the brightest star
That's next to the old conch shell

He hangs out there with Cystem
And many others of their ilk
Mental Anguish is mostly by the door
Omnitechnomatrix eating whelks

Then DJ Get Yo Fat On
Comes in with awful news
Buzzy's off to Mexico
To join a revolutionary crew

Being appraised of his schedule
We watched as Buzzy took to the skies
On the ten past ten from Paddington
He rowed and swam and ate pork pies

Heuristics Inc and the Garbageman
Shook their heads with disbelief
As we all stood around in utter shock
Buzzy had left his valise

Buzzy's off to Mexico
To join a revolutionary crew
Thanks to Buzzy and his open loops for the muse food,
Free loop project 013 and 24 Hour Flu

A Buzzy Tale