Project-114: Free Loop Pack 13

Tapegerm Collective resident artists began offering sets of loops to artists outside the pool with its Free Loop Pack sets.


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Recordings for Project-114

Snowed In by Hebephrenic: . Credits: Loops by Axel Mundi Guest Artist, Fluxus Fone project-20, and Scott Carr. Composed by Scott Carr, released by hebephrenic..
A Buzzy Tale by Kamakura:

This is very silly, but I enjoyed it hugely.warning given. This is a homage to all the 'Buzzies' out there, and a lot of shows including the goons, python, Little Britain, and many many more.
It is not really danceable. Oh, and be warned, there might be more episodes... My 8th track<br

. Credits: Kamakura, Buzzsaw Open Loops, 24 Hour Flu, Free Loops Project 13, with voice and vocals, vox.
Granular stringed blueberry biscuit by shaud: . Credits: Loop credits: International Garbageman, Heuristics Inc, Omnitechnomatrix. Free Loop Project 013, Heuristics Inc. Open Loops.
When it rains... by shaud: . Credits: International garbageman, DJ Get Yo Fat On, Mental Anguish. Additional sounds: shaud. Free Loop Project 13.