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Creating new compositions from new and old sounds, either played or repurposed.


An Introduction to Something and Nothing

album: It Is Something and Nothing
genre: Experimental
streams: 266

Credits: composed by Bryan Baker, chime from the album Sharpness of Formulation by Charles Rice Goff III and Michael LaGrega, creative commons non-commercial. Tapegerm Project-19

Story: Listen to Sharpness of Formulation here:


An Introduction to Something and Nothing

An Introduction to Something and Nothing
06/02/16 10:17:42PM @ciiigoff:
Hey BB, this is quite lovely, and I also enjoy the Amulet Frags. Generally speaking, I don't really want completed Taped Rugs pieces to become sampling materials for Tapegerm or anything else -- not only am I involved in the production of such things, but there are often co-producers to consult for approval (like Mr. LaGrega in this case). However, I am honestly HONORED that you selected our materials for your "Something Or", the "Amulet", and for your "Project 19". I wholeheartedly approve of these particular uses, and I very much appreciate you consulting me regards such. Perhaps my best response to this activity would be to upload some genuine Taped Rugs samples to Tapegerm that you and everyone else could use... Give me a little time to cook something up, and I'll do just that.

Keep up the good work! CIII