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Michael A. Cosma began to play the guitar at age 12. Played lead guitar and wrote songs in several local Salem, OH bands including: Knightmare, Avenging Angel, Rebellion, and Rogue Elephant. Then worked solo for a while as Orpheus, YB Serious, and Seven Against Thebes whilst running the Mudball Records cassette tape label. Mudball has since transformed into an online website only with downloads instead of cassette tapes. The next era was an improvisational project with myself on the bass guitar and Justin Frederick on drums known as Aspect. We would then add guitars, vocals, and other sounds using a combination of a 4 track tape recorder and a computer. We recorded over 10 cd's as Aspect most of which can be located online and downloaded for free. I also started doing some recordings for the first incarnation of Tapegerm around the same time as the Aspect project. Over 70 songs were created and uploaded to TapeGerm. In this period (Aspect - TapeGerm) - I developed the alter ego of Anixas and recorded several works under this name which can be found primarily on Bandcamp and Jamendo. At the moment of this writing July 5th, 2014, I have now joined the second incarnation of TapeGerm - this time as Anixas!

CIIIGoff Corypheus bedawang Shell

Project-10: Wacky Bits

These are some sound files I recorded with my phone while walking around at the Canfield Fair (in Ohio) August 2014. These include talking over loudspeaker, crowd noises, machinery and animal sounds. There is also a wacky bits image created from a picture from within the old carriage display at the fair. Use one , all or parts of the sounds. Mutilate them as you wish. Create a variation on the picture file if you want to for the song image.



Include "Project-10" in your credits to have your recording appear on this page.

Recordings for Project-10

The Human Protractor by CIIIGoff: This piece all started with a piano improv that evoked thoughts of a Dadaist Carnival. Naturally, Mister Cosma's Canfield Fair recordings fit perfectly into this theme, as well as the gymnasts who so recently filled my television screen, stretching their muscles all the way from Brazil to Kansas City. The Moon Zero recordings helped a bit with coloring the surreal landscape. . Credits: Tapegerm Wacky Bits Project-10 from Anixas/Michael Cosma, Tapegerm Moon Zero Four Project-7 by Sample Science, C. Goff III: Casio AP-24 Electric Piano, Musescore MIDI Composing Tool, Voice, Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer, B Musical Electronic Orchestra, Natural Reader Text-To-Voice Software .
Red Line by Corypheus: . Credits: Loopz By Project-7 Project-8 Project-9 Project-10.
Moliki by anixas: Recorded from phone to pc using Audacity and a synth app on the phone. Then added 4 of the Wacky Bits adding effects and modding those bits as I went along. All recording and mixing done using Audacity. . Credits: Tapegerm Project-10, Anixas.