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The Human Protractor

genre: Dada Carnival Music
streams: 268

Credits: Tapegerm Wacky Bits Project-10 from Anixas/Michael Cosma, Tapegerm Moon Zero Four Project-7 by Sample Science, C. Goff III: Casio AP-24 Electric Piano, Musescore MIDI Composing Tool, Voice, Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer, B Musical Electronic Orchestra, Natural Reader Text-To-Voice Software

Sourced from Project 10
Sourced from Project 7
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This piece all started with a piano improv that evoked thoughts of a Dadaist Carnival. Naturally, Mister Cosma's Canfield Fair recordings fit perfectly into this theme, as well as the gymnasts who so recently filled my television screen, stretching their muscles all the way from Brazil to Kansas City. The Moon Zero recordings helped a bit with coloring the surreal landscape.

The Human Protractor
09/08/16 11:09:06AM @blindmime:
Dadaist Carnival is right -- love it. Fits in with what I've been hearing you do here of late too. I like hearing these pieces developing this way. I don't know if that's any intension, but I like the variation on a style as it were; if that makes any sense.
09/09/16 03:00:45AM @ciiigoff:
Thanks for the positive reinforcement, Mr. B! Yes, I think there is a bit of variation on a style going on here. I'll add that I've come back to Tapegerm in the last few months, deserted as it sadly appears to be these days, because since 2002 or so, many of my best works have been sculpted at Tapegerm. There's something about being able to plug in strange, modified sources into my compositions that forces me to think in new ways. Thanks much for keeping this precious candle lit!