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~peeler is the lifeform behind the experimental studio based operation called ~peelspeed which is based in Queensland, Australia. Experimental music is what it is about for me .... anything goes when it comes to producing the sounds. I specialise in using cheap, outdated and damaged equipment for all studio work.

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Santa Skelter

genre: Electronic
streams: 7

Credits: Megascorpion Guest Artist Mix Mix by peeler

Sourced from Project 134
Using source file


This one uses at least one sample from each Megascorpion CD contributer ... fairly nonsensicle stuff here and probably cheerfully brief, but the gist of the song is that Santa has finished his Christmas gig and has been frequenting the nightspots, hitting the juice and looking for some chicky-babe action ... alas Santa strikes out this year and decides to walk back to the North Pole because he can't remember where he left his reindeer and sleigh ...

Santa Skelter