Project-574: Homemade Music's Mix One

This is the project that started Tapegerm. Bryan Baker gathered sets of loops from half a dozen cassette albums reviewed in GAJOOB over the years. The idea was to pay tribute to the art with new music created from its sources. 17 new tracks were created and several of the artists decided to continue working in this way by sharing sources each one makes on a monthly basis.

The source files are currently being located.


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Recordings for Project-574

Mental Anguish Mix by J Mundok: . Credits: .
MJB Mix by Chris Phinney: . Credits: .
Mental Anguish Mix by Blind Mime: . Credits: .
J Mundok Mix by Hebephrenic: . Credits: Loops by J Mundok. Composed by Scott Carr, released by hebephrenic..
Baneemy Mix No. 1 by Blind Mime: . Credits: .
Linda Smith Mix by Arthur Loves Plastic: . Credits: Loops by Linda Smith.