Project-43: G Day

G Day was a Tapegerm Collective event where several artists contributed loops for collaborating on an album to commemorate our anniversary. The source audio for this project can be found on collective artist project pages by searching for G Day. Entering the project tag on the right in your credits will make any compositions you create with any of the G Day loops appear on this page.

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There may be files from other artists related to this project listed below.

Include "Project-43" in your credits to have your recording appear on this page.

Recordings for Project-43

Agateophobia by Corypheus: . Credits: Loops By Corypheus And Project-43.
Happiness by Kamakura:

Written for G-Day 2005. Wipes a tear away...'till the next one, when hopefully I'll get more than one paltry mix finished... And some loops

. Credits: Kamakura, G-Day Loops by International Garbageman and Cystem, with Vocals, vox.