Project-370: Free Loop Pack 11

Tapegerm Collective resident artists began offering sets of loops to artists outside the pool with its Free Loop Pack sets.


There may be files from other artists related to this project listed below.

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Recordings for Project-370

Worm Sex by Insecta Sonic: 105 bpm: My 2nd exploration using loops. A Dark Experimental Track. All TG 11 loops except 4 piano and voice samples. Credits: Free Loop Project 011 Mix (Project-370).
A Skyful of Hand by Buzzsaw & the Shavings: . Credits: Free Loop Project 011 Mix-Includes loops by Howse of Rave, Omnitechnomatrix and Virus Factory.
Bush's Bottle by Dave Fuglewicz:


Loops by George Bush, from Tapegerm's Free Loop Pack 11:

Omnitechnomatrix and Buzzsaw & The Shavings.

Base is about half of my piece, "Klein's Bottle".

I needed this....

. Credits: David Fuglewicz, Free Loop Project 011.
Extra Gray by Dave Fuglewicz: . Credits: 8/26/2004 Loops by Buzzsaw & The Shavings, Electroearwig, Howse Of Rave and Omnitechnomatrix from Free Loop Pack #11..
Hyper Real by Dave Fuglewicz: . Credits: All loops by Omnitechnomatrix from Free Loop Pack 11..