Project-101: Acoustica

Sometime around 2004 Tapegerm Collective resident artists were commissioned by Acoustica to create an album of loops.

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Recordings for Project-101

Twilight's Echoes Of Wonder by Blind Mime:

The inspiration for this recording was provided by Tapegermer (and co-founder) Chris Phinney for his Electronic Cottage compilation project The Vision of Twilight.

. Credits: Instrumentation used: Lunacy Audio Cube Synth (with mangled Tapegerms by Blind Mime, Heuristics Inc, Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, Sin:Ned, Suckling Infants Network, James P. Bergman, CIIIGoff, Virtual Religion, David Alexander McDonald, International Garbageman), Klevgrand Tomofon, Arturia CMS80, Native Instruments Pharlight, Casio CT-S1000V Vocal Synthesizer..
PTrack20201118233648257808.6.wav by mystified:

For Gamegerm 2020.

. Credits: Generative Mix by Thomas Park..
PTrack20201118233648257808.3 by mystified: For Gamegerm 2020.. Credits: Generative Composition by Thomas Park..
PTrack20201118233648257808.0 by mystified: For Gamegerm, 2020.. Credits: Generative Composition by Thomas Park.