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Nick Calvert was in several bands as a drummer, and later a vocalist. He picked Kamakura as a performance name in 2003 when he discovered Songfight and Tapegerm. 2010 saw Kamakura become a real band. They recorded an album (Dealing With Liquids), toured for a short while, then split.

Influences: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Mozart, Beethoven, Punk, New Wave.

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Dealing with Liquids

Dealing with Liquids

Kamakura - Dealing with Liquids

The songs on Dealing With Liquids are an amalgam: gleaned and honed over a number of years. We are intensely proud of the album and the way it turned out.

released July 1, 2010

Kamakura are:
Nick Calvert - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums.
Mick Dorey - Vocals, Keyboards.
Mark Wright - Lead Guitar.
Brigitte Hurford - Backing Vocals

All songs written by Nick Calvert and Mick Dorey, except 'Train' and 'Love Song' written by Nick Calvert and 'Hey Kids' written by Mick Dorey.

Dealing With Liquids was recorded during 2009/2010 at Canal Bank Studio B.

Produced by Dorey and Calvert.

Mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering.

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