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Nick Calvert was in several bands as a drummer, and later a vocalist. He picked Kamakura as a performance name in 2003 when he discovered Songfight and Tapegerm. 2010 saw Kamakura become a real band. They recorded an album (Dealing With Liquids), toured for a short while, then split.

Influences: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Mozart, Beethoven, Punk, New Wave.

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album: Kamakura's Gamegerm
genre: Weird
streams: 66

Credits: GAMEGERM is Project-470. Buzzsaw & the Shavings Cajun 1 Project: 48 JSG58 C800 Project: 507 Shaud Midsummer Night Part 1-7 Project: 427 Suckling Infants Network Beat 2 Project: 449 Mystified Train Clack 1 Project: 381 Arthur Loves Plastic Chirp Guitar Project: 149 Blind Mime Synth - Sizzle Lead Kongbalong Bass Drone 1 Project: 479 Hal McGee Theremin 03 Project: 436 Jack Hertz Fantastic Planetscapes 4 Project: 9 Sin:Ned August 2002 - 3 Project: 458 Decaying Machine Sad Song Project: 509

Sourced from Project 470
Sourced from Project 48
Sourced from Project 507
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Sourced from Project 149
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Snowblind is my second Gamegerm.

Sadly, I tripped over my keyboard and broke its power supply, so it was peachy hard. Still, needs must as the Gamegerm drives....

01/09/21 10:46:15PM @blindmime:
Love this track, Nick. Especially after using the spoken word source in my most recent gamegerm. I think it's beautiful how sources mix into different compositions. Yours bounces around so cool.