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Insecta Sonic is created from the larval mind of a sonic deviant who is interested in exploring and creating new musical lifeforms. Insecta Sonic is a genre bending shape shifting, transdimensional machine elf from the multiverse of infinite frequencies. Transmitting from radio paradox in sector 23 on planet Hollywood a doorway has been opened to travel between the light and the dark....

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Us vs Them

album: Digital Polynation
genre: Electrocore
streams: 6

Credits: Mixed by Insecta Sonic: R.Demko (guitar/synth guitar) Loops- Electroearwig, Sin:Ned, Virus Factory, Cakewalk,

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Story: This tune is a hybrid of illbient jazz, rock, industrial electronic, with an arabic groove. I used various loops from the TG Loop Bomb CD's and found some cool voice clips at I don't know what genre this fits in ? Do you?Industrial Dance Jazz, Intelligent Jazzcore, Illcore... LOL !

Us vs Them