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Tapegerm Collective began in May 2000, spawned from a collaboration at homemademusic.com where loops from a selection of diy cassette albums were dropped into a pool that artists used to create new music. A group of these artists formed a collective project to share loops and evolve the resulting music over time; currently mutating into its 20th year.

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Project-194: Contagion

A Tapegerm Collective project.

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There may be files from other artists related to this project listed below.

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Recordings for Project-194

Moose On Sofa by Hebephrenic: . Credits: Contagion mix contains loops by Dave Fuglewicz, International Garbageman, and Cystem. Composed by Scott Carr, released by hebephrenic..
Sound Of My Dreams - edit by decaying machine:

The Final Cut of this damn song...only the last mixing left, then it's ready for my EP..but as always u guys comes first..so here it is

. Credits: Mr Bf Baker, Mr Contagion, Mr Jeremy Gluck, Mr Omnitechnomatrix.
Light in Darkness by decaying machine:

..well I just find out that I upload the wrong mix/arr yesterday.. so this will be the right one. 

. Credits: Contagion & Decaying Machine Guest Artist.
E + E by decaying machine:

This is the intro song for my first Live performance in years, Im working with a set / 30 min..so u can see this like a test-track. When the whole set is done, I will adjust all the songs so they are mixed ok and so on... so be gentle!=) take care now.

PS: if u boys and girls can come up with a name for the track!?.. please do...I just typed down something quick so I could save the file! 

. Credits: Contagion: 19-AudioTrack 19.