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Hebephrenic is the solo musical project of Scott Carr begun in the mid 1980's and continually evolving as a Kafkaesque soundtrack for life in the new millennium. And stuff....

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Project-35: Hebephrenic Resident Artist Loops - April 2004

Tapegerm Collective is making its entire archive of source audio files created by its resident artists between 2000-2010 available royalty free to mark its 20th Anniversary in 2020-21. 

Please consider sharing any work you create which utilizes Tapegerm sources at tapegerm.com. 


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Recordings for Project-35

Pictures This Morning by Blind Mime: This is the second composition for the Sunrise & Lester project. This time I brought a sample of Gregg's saxophone into Alchemy in Logic Pro X and tweaked it slightly to create the main pad and then built synths and arpeggios around it.. Credits: Composed by Bryan Baker. Saxophone sample played by Gregg Allen on "The Sunrise & Lester" by Bryan Baker and Gregg Allen. Project-24, #tapegerm20 Project-35.