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"I've been making music for quite awhile. Got hooked on electronic music in the late 80's and started making some in the early 90's. I have a thing for drum loops and a problem being subtle. I play guitar drenched with effects and love hearing what other people do with my loops." - Tapegerm 2000

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buzzsaw Mental Shell


Cystem: Open Loop Directory 1

Open loop directories were made freely available outside the private resident artist pool.

Cystem: Heat Wave August 2006

Tapegerm Collective is making its entire archive of source audio files created by its resident artists between 2000-2010 available royalty free to mark its 20th Anniversary in 2020-21.  Please consider sharing any...

Cystem: Hal-loween 2006

A set of loops for Halloween 2006.

Cystem: Hal-lelujah

001 crop 09a (master).wav 001 crop 09c (master).wav 001 crop 10 rev l.wav breath (master).wav gtr 02 2 crop (master).wav gtr 02 2 crop rev l (master).wav gtr 02 2 crop right (master).wav gtr delays (master).wav jesus...

Cystem: G Day

G Day was a group project in 2005 where collective artists gathered online for a 24-hour period of loop making and compositions.

Cystem: Free Loop Pack 15

Tapegerm Collective resident artists began offering sets of loops to artists outside the pool with its Free Loop Pack sets.

Cystem: Contagion

A Tapegerm Collective project.

Cystem: A Midsummer Night's Germ

A Midsummer Night's Germ is a Tapegerm resident artist collective project from summer 2006.
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