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When Tipper Gore Knocked On Bill's Door

genre: Dream Composition
streams: 264

Credits: Blind Mime Studios files from the 1606 June 2016 Sample Pack Project-19, C. Goff III: Casio AP-24 Electric Piano, Midisoft MIDI Composing Tool, Voice, Donkey Call, Remo Paddle Drum (with Scrub Brush), Shakers, Ocarina, Harmonicas, Animal Calls

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Story: I very recently dreamed the melody for this one. I'm sure that the dream music was influenced by watching an old film of Thelonious Monk the night before I had fallen asleep. The course to the interpretation presented here was initially steered by a recently acquired Casio AP-24 (full size) electric piano.

When Tipper Gore Knocked On Bill's Door
06/17/16 11:08:54AM @blindmime:
I must endeavor to remember my dream melodies. Love the cattle call of stars parading through this, Charlie, dancing to a lively Looney Tunes inspired melody. Great stuff. Lots of fun!