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The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up

genre: Soundtrack
streams: 106

Credits: Audio Loops By Sample Science from Moon Zero Four Tapegerm Project-7, Various Television Media, Lo Fidelity 1987 Disism Recording, Car Door From Mike Metlay's 1996 Toyota Avalon, Sound Effects, Editing, Production.

Sourced from Project 7
Using source file


A mystery full of intrigue and dangerous encounters. This is a psycho-autobiographical fictional non-profit production which is not intended for commercial retail. No rights are reserved.

The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up
Jack Hertz
10/01/14 12:10:20AM @jack-hertz:
"Man, this is the wildest..."

Great work!

10/01/14 03:56:09PM @ciiigoff:
Appreciate you venturing into this WILD mystery, JH. Thanks for the kind words!
10/04/14 03:25:21PM @blindmime:
This is the coolest thing I've heard in a long time. Ha Ha, you chestbeater you!
10/04/14 03:47:46PM @ciiigoff:
Wow, that is very high praise coming from a master of sound manipulation like yourself, Bryan, thanks for the positive reinforcement. Oh, and since I have not said this publicly yet, THANKS FOR KEEPING TAPEGERM ALIVE!
10/04/14 04:22:58PM @dave-fuglewicz:
This is a superb track you have done C3, fantastic.
10/04/14 05:33:33PM @ciiigoff:
THANKS DAVE! Great to hear from you, and I very much appreciate your positive reinforcement.