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After being on the periphery of various musical scenes for over 15 years, far out in a creative Sarmatia, casting forth a few CD, cassette and vinyl releases to fatten Oblivion from several independent labels, a wend of a loop drew me inwards to Tapegerm, and in the resultant struggles to free myself, a fresh provision of Folly decided to call the din a mix. More mixes are to be forthcoming, even fifth through ninthcoming, though I hesitate to say more, as double digits provoke a bad elevation sickness. -- from October 2004

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Restoration still run

user image 2004-11-26
By: tapegerm
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Buzzycompatriots-a change of term indicated since afficinadoes seems rather foreign, convertable into only metric terminology and wholly incompatible with domestic carrying capacities.

So far, the restoration continues unabated, both Geoffrin and Stolypin have successfully taken theirplaces on the mixery stage. No sudden rewrites, cancellations or writer's strikes have thusly brought down the curtain on things, although two or three sandbags hang concernedly like blunt and bulky swords of Damocles. I sense bishops and Constantinian edicts must be summoned in a pre-emptive move to convert the harmful tendencies of silica.