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Creating new compositions from new and old sounds, either played or repurposed.

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David Drone

album: Happenstance
genre: Experimental
streams: 112

Credits: composed by bf baker. sources by Jeremy Gluck, David (my daughter's cat). project-586

Sourced from Project 586
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David Drone
02/24/15 02:36:18AM @ciiigoff:
This piece is plenty trick or treat spooky, very well produced too. I dig.

Just a note Bryan, I've been having some weird problems with the Tapegerm player giving me error notices, so after trying to hear this a few times in the last few days, I finally did a "page info" to separate out the mp3.

Keep up the good work, CIII

07/12/15 04:37:20PM @home:
We've added a download button to the audio page for each track on tapegerm.