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Creating new compositions from new and old sounds, either played or repurposed.

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buzzsaw Kamakura Mental CIIIGoff bedawang anixas Shell

Germ Game No. 6

album: A Game of Germs
genre: Gamegerm
streams: 5

Credits: Buzzsaw, Chaos Is Your Destiny, Darph Nader, Heuristics Inc, Insectasonic, Blind Mime Ensemble, Solaris, Virus Factory, Zapruder Red

Sourced from Project
Using source file 3
Using source file 129
Using source file 169
Using source file 309
Using source file 215
Using source file 94
Using source file 232
Using source file 150
Using source file 369
Using source file 297


Dropped the source files into a group on a Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II and had some fun. The initial ~30 seconds is unaffected sources; then the fun begins.

Germ Game No. 6