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Skin = Deception

Skin = Deception

Bedawang - Skin = Deception

From Igloo Mag – (January 2012)

“in the unique diction of Skin = Deception
Must Die may have discovered its first true prodigy. Christof Becu from Brugge emerged only last year as recording artist Bedawang, but he has already produced a hefty amount of material for various netlabels, soundclouds and bandcamps.

Skin = Deception is distinct from the music he has released online—minimal with maximum impact, insidious and scary. “Tungiasis”—all tracks are named after afflictions of the epidermis, a morbid joke given the smooth-skinned nude gracing the cover—creeps toward the listener and undermines his sense of well-being. “Hypertrichosis” pulses weakly and irregularly, its life ebbing away. On “Dematographia,” a machine sputters like a guttering flame and tries to transmit one last communiqué.

It is music you want to give a wide berth, particularly the twenty-five minute closing track “Blaschko’s Lines,” which hums and bristles with carcinogenic electricity.”

From Vital Weekl (No.815)y:

“BEDAWANG – SKIN = DECEPTION (CD by Must Die Records)
Bedawang is a Belgium project from Bruges by Christof Becu. Most of his music has been released on curious and dark collaboration projects all over the world. Skin = Deception is a full length album at the British label Must Die Records. Bedawang makes audio terror for the masses as his under construction website mentioned. But the album Skin = Deception has no terror effect at all. Analog dark analog drones are coming out of the speakers and create a dark ambient atmosphere. Seven tracks will take me to a dark world with isolation and minimalistic changes in the music and subtile sounds in the background. The sixth track has the most open atmosphere created by more high pitched sounds and an edited voice. The last track “Blaschko’s Lines” lasts almost 25 minutes and is a beautiful dark droeny ambient piece of music, in which Bedawang slowly builds up the oppressive atmosphere. The music fits well to the artwork of the album. A picture of a moving nude woman photographed in a classical way in which is silence and movement. Bedawang creates silence by changing slowly the tones and layers in his music. Beautiful album for these dark evenings and cold days. (JKH)”