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A key factor in Hinkie's decision to NBA 2K MT Coins

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A key factor in Hinkie's decision to step down is the team's NBA 2K MT Coins recent pursuit of other executives to share power with the 38-year-old. The team asked him to take a reduced role in the front office, reports USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt, which comes just months after longtime executive Jerry Colangelo was hired as a special advisor.
Bryan Colangelo, Jerry's son, had been targeted as the Sixers' new GM in a partnership with Hinkie, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski. This would've "fully marginalized" Hinkie's role with the team, however, so he has opted to step down.
The younger Colangelo and Philadelphia are now in "advanced negotiations" and his hiring is "imminent," per Stein.The 76ers hired Hinkie in 2013 and began what's been dubbed "The Process" to turn the team into a title contender. Hinkie's plan has involved eschewing any interest in present-day winning in favor of accumulating assets and tanking for better draft lottery odds.
The results have been mixed and led to speculation about Hinkie's future with the team, which only became louder after the 76ers hired Colangelo in December. At the time, the team was insistent that Hinkie would retain "final say" on all basketball decisions, but the writing seemed to be on the wall for NBA Live 18 Coins the GM at that point.Hinkie has now stepped away from the 76ers and his role in "The Process" before he'll really get to see it bear fruit.
Just recently, Hinkie spoke on Zach Lowe's podcast and said the 76ers were planning to be much more aggressive in free agency this summer, an apparent indication of interest in putting a better team on the floor next

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