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Missing the playoffs means no Madden Mobile Coins

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Missing the playoffs means no Madden Mobile Coins
Missing the playoffs means no pick barring a Madden 18 Coins longshot jump into the top three.Dave Joerger will have his players fighting until the very end, but all these unfortunate circumstances have made this a depressing season in Memphis. Worse, the prospect of Conley's free agency lingers over the whole situation. At this point, Grizzlies fans likely just want this year to end.Sam Hinkie resigns as 76ers GM and president of basketball operations -
Sam Hinkie has stepped down from his roles as president of basketball operations and general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, the team announced Wednesday. The move signals a major change for a franchise that's undergone one of the most aggressive rebuilds in NBA history under Hinkie's watch.76ers owner Josh Harris released a statement confirming the news.
"This evening, Sam Hinkie notified the organization that he has elected to step down as President of Basketball Operations and General Manager. While we are disappointed in Sam’s decision, we would like to sincerely thank him for his contributions over the past three seasons. There is no question that Sam’s work has put us in a very strong position to take advantage of numerous opportunities for an exciting future."
Hinkie announced his resignation in a 13-page letter to the 76ers' ownership, reports ESPN's Marc Stein. A complete copy of it can be found here. "There has been much criticism of our approach," Hinkie says in the letter. "There will be more. A competitive league like the NBA necessitates a zig while our competitors comfortably zag.
We often chose not to defend ourselves against much of Madden Mobile Coins the criticism, largely in an effort to stay true to the ideal of having the longest view in the room."... Given all the changes to our organization, I no longer have the confidence that I can make good decisions on behalf of investors in the Sixers -- you. So I should step down. And I have."

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