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welcome back to tape germ

user image 2016-06-30
By: don campau
Posted in: welcome back

I was involved in Tapegerm for several years sometime ago. I released a few albums of the tracks I did with the TG members. You can see those and my full catalog here:

I am thinking about making some new Tapegerm pieces if I get the time. It's all about the time, isn't it?

06/30/16 09:06:48PM @bryanbaker:
I've been doing a few things here lately. Let me know if you need anything.
don campau
06/30/16 09:08:06PM @don-campau:
Thanks Bryan. Where's the tracks/loops to download? Not seeing them.Don
07/01/16 10:08:00AM @bryanbaker:
Click Projects at the top. You'll see a big download button on each project page.
07/01/16 11:40:49AM @home:
Or a project might host its source files offsite on, for instance. Like this one: -- the link to its source files is in the description.