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Started to mess around with loops and sequencers at the dangerous age of 14 in 2002. In those days he thought that producing simple tracks would just inspire him in making new moves in the art of "popping" in which he inherited the name "Mista StiFFie"... But producing opened a new door. He took the name "Howse of Rave" (since he only made rave-type music at the time) and was introduced to the Tapegerm Collective in early 2003. He didn't join the TGC until early 2004 where he got himself involved in a collbaoration project with Donhead/ElectroEarwig called " Virtual Religion ". Now, just goes by " D. Howse " who lately got himself into theatrical-style musical influences and plans on making a future of film scoring.

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D.Howse Tapegerm Collective Resident Artist Open Source Audio Archive

D.Howse Resident Artist Loops.

Tapegerm Collective is making its entire archive of source audio files created by its resident artists between 2000-2010 available royalty free to mark its 20th Anniversary in 2020-21. 

Please consider sharing any work you create which utilizes Tapegerm sources at tapegerm.com.

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