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Duration: 00:06:10
"Fantastic Planetscapes" by mutaHERTZ is a heavy, spaced-out exploration into the depths of the stars, influenced by the 1973 movie "Fantastic Planet"
Visual:Cesar Naves
Sound:Jack Hertz - Source Tracks/Mastering
& I.v.Martinez - Samples/Processing/Mixing
Download the album here:

Weird Instruments Facebook Group

By tapegerm, 2015-07-11
Weird Instruments Facebook Group

I just joined the Weird Instruments Tribe group on Facebook.

Find it here:

It's admin'd by Travis Johnson whom I know from posts in various groups, experimental musician and artist.

Description: A group to celebrate, discuss and share unusual approaches to traditional (or invented) musical instruments or visual instruments.......

THINK: preparations of traditional instruments...........unusual recording techniques for said instruments..........invention of new instruments.............altered tunings............alternate playing techniques.........resources for creativity..........resources for listening........musical philosophy............THINK!!!

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Challenging Non-Genre Dankness Fiesta

By CIIIGoff, 2015-06-09
Challenging Non-Genre Dankness Fiesta

1980's Avant Garde Composers DISISM just recorded a brand new unpredictable sonic adventure in the dank of Kansas May. 
Click To Listen?

Click To See Psych Video From The Album?

Thanks for your attention...

Walls Of Genius Meet Goff III In Magnetic Storm

Experimental Cut Ups From Cassette Culturalists. Five unique transformations of a single improv.  Think "William Burroughs."  Think "John Cage." Sonic explorers from the 1980's gather in the erratic light of the 21st Century. It's Online, On CDR, On Cassette. Curious?  Click The Pic Below And Go

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Duration: 00:05:00
Official music video for Dendera Bloodbath "Cumae". Filmed at Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah GA.
Category: People
Duration: 00:03:40
Dendera Bloodbath performs the song "John Hughes" at Display Gainesville on August 30 2014.
Category: People
Duration: 00:04:18
Dendera Bloodbath at Caledonia Lounge in Athens GA Oct 1 2014
Category: People
Duration: 00:02:44
Dendera Bloodbath at Caledonia Lounge in Athens GA Oct 1 2014
Art Rock With Some ORIGINAL Tapegerm Spices
For fans of Zappa, Beefheart, Bowie, Rundgren, Barrett,  Etc...

Thirty minutes of experimental songs. A couple previewed at Tapegerm (the previous entity) and Aural Films.  All music derived from dreamed melodies and lyrics.  MIDI, Moog, Electronics, Guitars, Homemade Instruments, Vocoder, Samples, Etc...  Detailed album notes for the curious.

Click the pic below to go:

The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours is available also on Cassette and CDR.
New Album: Tapegerm Creations Plus Spookie Sonics

Tapegerm-Based Creations And Other Spookie Sonics.  Trick, Treat, Direful Drones.   Goff III Manipulates Jack Hertz And More. There's a sonic criminal ready to steal your sanity at this site.  Travel at your own risk. Click The Spinning Tire Below To Roll...

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:12
This is the tune "Medicinske tåge" composed and played by the Danish band Ginnungagab feat. Kim Gram. From the album "City of sand" For further information, visit our homepage:

Wacky Bits

These are some sound files I recorded with my phone while walking around at the Canfield Fair (in Ohio) August 2014. These include talking over loudspeaker, crowd noises, machinery and animal sounds. There is also a...

Fantastic Planetscapes

Who remembers the 1973 film, "Fantastic Planet" by René Laloux with the amazing soundtrack? Those fantastic landscapes with the bubbling and noodling synth sounds created by Jean Guerin on an EMS VCS3 and ARP 2600,...

Gated Dreams

This is an unfinished techno track project files. Feel free to mangle and twist the sounds to make it an experimental ambient track or something just plain weird! The tempo is 120bpm, root key A#, 4/4. I've mainly...

Moon Zero Four

This is the project files for my track "Moon Zero Four". The project consist mainly in the public domain movie clips I've sampled for the track and my very simple synth line I've added to them. I couldn't ad the...

Cosmos: War of the Planets

Cosmos: War of the Planets -- (also released in Europe as Year Zero: War In Space) -- is a 1977 Italian film directed by Alfonso Brescia and starring John Richardson. It is considered a remake of the 1965 film Planet...


I'm uploading a sampler of one of my rewired CASIO SK1 to be remixed/used ad libitum.All of my sounds and work is also available for download here:
Category: Music
Duration: 00:02:44
Track from album "Div Joyvision" by Datawhore and Michael Dent put to original laser video by Oliver Coles.
Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:53
Description: artists collaborate to create bloody good remix.
Video: Love At First Bite.
Category: Music
Duration: 00:09:54
A line taken from a routine Facebook thread catches my attention and becomes the basis for this bookend track to over a year of intensive and highly enjoyable work with michael dent. Credits: Jeremy Gluck - michael dent - Decaying Machine Guest Artist. The video is an edit of the renowned Swiss mechanical success DIE LAUF DER DINGER.

Thanks to Channel Web Scene,uk for the heads up :-/

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Alien Shakedown Behind the Garage Alien Shakedown Behind the Garage by anixas: Used my Prime Loops dubstep beats, mixed in some modded guitar tracks and audio recordings made at the fair. It is 11:15 Sunday July 12, 2015. Had not produced a TapeGerm track in a while so here it is. . Credits: Anixas (Michael A. Cosma).
Agateophobia Agateophobia by Corypheus: . Credits: Loops By Corypheus And Project-43.
David Drone David Drone by Bryan Baker: . Credits: composed by bf baker. sources by Jeremy Gluck, David (my daughter's cat)..
Red Line Red Line by Corypheus: . Credits: Loopz By Project-7 Project-8 Project-9 Project-10.
mutaHERTZ   Fantastic Planetscapes   05 Xenomorphs mutaHERTZ Fantastic Planetscapes 05 Xenomorphs by I.v.M.: . Credits: Project-9.
mutaHERTZ   Fantastic Planetscapes   06 Codefect mutaHERTZ Fantastic Planetscapes 06 Codefect by I.v.M.: . Credits: Project-9.
mutaHERTZ   Fantastic Planetscapes   04 Signalien mutaHERTZ Fantastic Planetscapes 04 Signalien by I.v.M.: . Credits: Project-9
mutaHERTZ   Fantastic Planetscapes   03 Hiddentity mutaHERTZ Fantastic Planetscapes 03 Hiddentity by I.v.M.: . Credits: Project-9 .
mutaHERTZ   Fantastic Planetscapes   01 Cosmose mutaHERTZ Fantastic Planetscapes 01 Cosmose by I.v.M.: . Credits: Project-9.
mutaHERTZ   Fantastic Planetscapes   02 Chaoseed mutaHERTZ Fantastic Planetscapes 02 Chaoseed by I.v.M.: . Credits: Project-9

Latest Comments

On 07/13/15 06:26:00PM Regarding Alien Shakedown Behind the Garage, @Bryan Baker said: Good to hear from you again. I like this shakedown's low key dub beat and the sounds surrounding it. Nice one -- well done, man.

On 07/12/15 04:37:20PM Regarding David Drone, @home said: We've added a download button to the audio page for each track on tapegerm.

On 02/24/15 05:21:32AM Regarding Agateophobia, @Corypheus said: It's an older loop pack from Michael A Cosma's project...

On 02/24/15 03:47:12AM Regarding Agateophobia, @CIIIGoff said: HEAVY! Nicely produced. What's Project 43?

On 02/24/15 03:36:18AM Regarding David Drone, @CIIIGoff said: This piece is plenty trick or treat spooky, very well produced too. I dig.

Just a note Bryan, I've been having some weird problems with the Tapegerm player giving me error notices, so after trying to hear this a few times in the last few days, I finally did a "page info" to separate out the mp3.

Keep up the good work, CIII

On 10/31/14 01:49:54PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @I.v.M. said: Hi brothers & sisters in sound. Enjoy Fantastic Plantescapes by mutaHERTZ!!!

On 10/04/14 05:33:33PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @CIIIGoff said: THANKS DAVE! Great to hear from you, and I very much appreciate your positive reinforcement.

On 10/04/14 04:22:58PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @Dave Fuglewicz said: This is a superb track you have done C3, fantastic.

On 10/04/14 03:47:46PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @CIIIGoff said: Wow, that is very high praise coming from a master of sound manipulation like yourself, Bryan, thanks for the positive reinforcement. Oh, and since I have not said this publicly yet, THANKS FOR KEEPING TAPEGERM ALIVE!

On 10/04/14 03:25:21PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @Bryan Baker said: This is the coolest thing I've heard in a long time. Ha Ha, you chestbeater you!

On 10/02/14 11:05:28PM Regarding SK1 RMX, @Fabio_Keiner said: ah, tante grazie! I'll have a listening and a meditation about :)) ... and I'll try to work & play & abuse as much as possible your sources! :)

On 10/01/14 03:56:09PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @CIIIGoff said: Appreciate you venturing into this WILD mystery, JH. Thanks for the kind words!

On 10/01/14 12:10:20AM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @Jack Hertz said: "Man, this is the wildest..."

Great work!

On 09/18/14 03:47:14PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: Glad I passed the audition, thanks Jack. I encourage more adventurers to join the expedition!

On 09/17/14 11:37:01PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @Jack Hertz said: I love the dialog bits. Its like a mini-movie.

On 09/17/14 11:33:31PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @Jack Hertz said: Cool! Nice job, CIIIGoff.

On 09/13/14 03:49:49PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: THANKS for the fix! I'll do better next time.

On 09/13/14 11:45:38AM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @home said: It just needs to go somewhere in the credits. You put it in the "Story." I've changed it.

On 09/10/14 03:12:59AM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: But even though I included: "Tapegerm Project-9" in my credits, my piece does not appear here. Can someone (Bryan?) tell me what I did wrong please? Thanks!

On 09/10/14 02:39:36AM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: Don't mind if I did!

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