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melodywhore began as melody's a whore back at the beginning of 2000. it started as an extension of the synthdog project and eventually became its own entity. the synthdog project was entirely experimentation starting with Acid Pro v1.0. Taking existing loops and editing them as well as creating his own loops, james discovered a different way of expressing himself in music. having just sold all of his equipment to fund a cross-country move, this enabled him to continue with music but was quite a change from sequencing. never-the-less, the results proved to be rewarding. the first melodywhore song was called a brief moment which was followed by grace and many others. using stand-alone synth apps on the computer, james was creating melody loops and taking them into sound forge to edit them in different ways, sometimes destructive. each new song helped in the learning process in adapting to using a PC for musical creation. after joining Acidplanet and in early 2000, james met a number of artists that were doing the same thing he was, trying to self-promote online. it was through these connections that he was introduced to tapegerm and in 2001, he signed up.

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melodywhore Tapegerm Open Source Audio Archive 2000-2010

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The melodywhore Tapegerm Open Source Audio Archive is now online. Listen to it below: