Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.1 LoopPack

This is a small pack of sounds taken from my Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.1 sample library. In it, you'll find custom made breakbeats and dialogue clips from public domain films.

Audio Compost

This is a small pack made with samples taken from Audio Compost, a commercial sample library I have produced. In it, you'll find a small construction kit of loop samples in the same vein as Boards Of Canada.

Wacky Bits

These are some sound files I recorded with my phone while walking around at the Canfield Fair (in Ohio) August 2014. These include talking over loudspeaker, crowd noises, machinery and animal sounds. There is also a...

Fantastic Planetscapes

Who remembers the 1973 film, "Fantastic Planet" by René Laloux with the amazing soundtrack? Those fantastic landscapes with the bubbling and noodling synth sounds created by Jean Guerin on an EMS VCS3 and ARP...

Gated Dreams

This is an unfinished techno track project files. Feel free to mangle and twist the sounds to make it an experimental ambient track or something just plain weird! The tempo is 120bpm, root key A#, 4/4. I've mainly...

Moon Zero Four

This is the project files for my track "Moon Zero Four". The project consist mainly in the public domain movie clips I've sampled for the track and my very simple synth line I've added to them. I couldn't ad the...

Cosmos: War of the Planets

Cosmos: War of the Planets  -- (also released in Europe as  Year Zero: War In Space ) -- is a 1977  Italian  film directed by  Alfonso Brescia  and starring  John Richardson . It is considered a...

GAJOOB K7 Source Project: Greige Travail - Mr. A Only Has A

This description of the cassette album was sent to GAJOOB in 1990 along with the tape: We are Justin Hughes and Zak Sitter. We are located in Atlanta (as is Bangaway [Productions]). We hope to have a 4-track...

KidGerm - 63 Loops With Kid Toy Instruments

This is a classic Tapegerm project full of toy instrument loops mostly from the Harsh Reality studio of longtime Tapegerm member and co-founder Chris Phinney. 


This project hales from early Tapegerm days. There are 21 loops culled from Baneemy's double cassette album, The Walter Martin Cult . The loop pack includes short loops of a Casio guitar and Casio sax, along with...
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On 12/15/16 05:38:28PM Regarding Review: CGoffIII's Genre Party, @Blind Mime Studio said: You as well, good sir.

On 12/15/16 01:55:38PM Regarding Review: CGoffIII's Genre Party, @CIIIGoff said: Glad you enjoyed the show, Mr. Mime! Many thanks for sharing the positive words with your readers too. I know this album would not be the way it is without Tapegerm, and I offer you my sincerest gratitude and respect for keeping this site alive! May 2017 bring you and the rest of us many creative moments.

On 11/21/16 06:48:27PM Regarding We're Going Over, @CIIIGoff said: Gabriel, very glad to read your words of encouragement, glad you dig. Yes, Zappa, The Residents, MIDI scores... all friends of my ears. Of course, your contribution helped make this what it is too, thanks so much! I like your "Come Join Our Forces" video... great uses of light, reflection, water, AND sound. Keep up the good work.

On 11/17/16 01:46:23PM Regarding Working on new Tapegerm Album, @Blind Mime Studio said: I've been listening to what you've been doing here and looking forward to how you're going to put it all together.

On 11/14/16 03:06:54PM Regarding Working on new Tapegerm Album, @CIIIGoff said: Looking forward to your new album Bryan! I'm almost done with mine now; but it's going to have a couple of non-Tapegerm pieces on it too (two of ten). Good luck with the sculpting.

On 09/17/16 03:49:18AM Regarding We're Going Over, @CIIIGoff said: BB! Your commentary is a refreshing splash of positive reinforcement, thanks much, and I'm very glad you dig.

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