Project-370: Free Loop Pack 11

Tapegerm Collective resident artists began offering sets of loops to artists outside the pool with its Free Loop Pack sets.


Include "Project-370" in your credits to have your recording appear on this page.

Recordings for Project-370

Worm Sex by Insecta Sonic: 105 bpm: My 2nd exploration using loops. A Dark Experimental Track. All TG 11 loops except 4 piano and voice samples. Credits: Free Loop Project 011 Mix (Project-370).
A Skyful of Hand by Buzzsaw & the Shavings: . Credits: Free Loop Project 011 Mix-Includes loops by Howse of Rave, Omnitechnomatrix and Virus Factory.
Bush's Bottle by Dave Fuglewicz:


Loops by George Bush, from Tapegerm's Free Loop Pack 11:

Omnitechnomatrix and Buzzsaw & The Shavings.

Base is about half of my piece, "Klein's Bottle".

I needed this....

. Credits: David Fuglewicz, Free Loop Project 011.
Extra Gray by Dave Fuglewicz: . Credits: 8/26/2004 Loops by Buzzsaw & The Shavings, Electroearwig, Howse Of Rave and Omnitechnomatrix from Free Loop Pack #11..
Hyper Real by Dave Fuglewicz: . Credits: All loops by Omnitechnomatrix from Free Loop Pack 11..