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I'm a composer, sound designer and plugin developer. For the last 10 years, SampleScience has been my main musical project. I've recently dive into the vaporwave scene with an album under the pseudonym Midnight Shopping.

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Project-8: Gated Dreams

This is an unfinished techno track project files. Feel free to mangle and twist the sounds to make it an experimental ambient track or something just plain weird! The tempo is 120bpm, root key A#, 4/4. I've mainly used virtual synthesizers and effects to create these loops.

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Recordings for Project-8

Red Line by Corypheus: . Credits: Loopz By Project-7 Project-8 Project-9 Project-10.
Eville by Corypheus: . Credits: Loopz By Project-7 And Project-8 - Mix By Corypheus.