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I'm a composer, sound designer and plugin developer. For the last 10 years, SampleScience has been my main musical project. I've recently dive into the vaporwave scene with an album under the pseudonym Midnight Shopping.

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Project-14: Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3 LoopPack

This is a sample pack with samples hand picked by me from Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3, a commercial sample library I've produced. In this pack, you'll find drum loops and music loops with a retro feel.

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Recordings for Project-14

A Universe Alone by CIIIGoff: The end product of two songs which my subconsciousness dreamed back in 2013 (both of the melodies and some of the lyrics). Is there a message? Hmmm... It certainly would be nice if more of the old Tapegermans would be here to stir up the pot these days. UPDATE JULY 15, 2016: Ah, I see there has been a little action at TG since I uploaded this, WONDERFUL... I redid this piece with no rambling intro and new vocals to bring a new shine and make it more listenable. Rentative to the end.. Credits: Sample Science: Project-15 New Highways Loop Pack, Sample Science: Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.3 Loop Pack Project-14, C. Goff III: Ovation Acoustic Guitar, Reflector Fender Squire Stratocaster, Various Effects Pedals, Yamaha FX 500 Effects Unit, Midisoft MIDI Composing Tool, Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Voice .