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After understanding the factors affecting the efficiency of the Raymond mill, you should pay attention to how to install and maintain the mill normally. When the equipment is delivered to the site and not yet installed, take care of it and keep it exposed.


Rain, otherwise it will cause the equipment to rust, affecting the operation of the operation, the installation must be strictly in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, all the process steps to carry out, do not change the order autonomy, to be carried out after the basic installation is complete 15-day warranty, when the Raymond mill from the factory to the use of time more than 6 months, be sure to drive, roller device, the host equipment center axis part, the analyzer and other parts of the cleaning inspection, all cleaning After that, you should add enough lubricant to each part to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


In fact, when customers buy the equipment, the professional Wuhan Raymond Mill Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will have a professional technical staff to ensure that the customer's production equipment to run smoothly, of course, customers have to have a certain understanding of the equipment, Will not let the equipment into a pile of scrap iron phenomenon again.

Raymond mill price higher than other milling machines, mainly by the advanced production technology equipment superior to other similar products:
1, wear ring and roller wear uniform, long service life, four times the life of other mills;
2, the processing of fine sand and other materials, the effect is obvious than other milling machines;
3, is an efficient plant desulfurization equipment;
4, as a pre-mill before ball milling, ball milling efficiency can be increased by 50%;
5, mainly for a variety of crushed brittle materials, hardness less than 9 Mohs hardness of the following pre-grinding materials processing;
6, low noise, small vibration;
7, pressure, powder and more;
8, low iron content in the powder;
9, continuous operation, during operation does not affect the grinding roller bearing chamber of the oil;
10, low power consumption, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance.

the customer purchase of equipment

By jwen4568, 2018-01-12

Customers can choose different devices according to their own needs. sand making machine have so much variety, customers have more choices. Then the customer purchase of equipment, the proper use of crusher? 

The first is: equipment before the start, should check the observation door is closed, to prevent the material out from the observation door, dangerous accident. Equipment shall be no-load start, to be the equipment in normal operation before feeding, the shutdown sequence and boot in reverse order. The second is: after the device is started, to continuous and uniform feeding, equipment is not violent vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, it should stop checking. Finally that the sand making machine is stopped when the discharging equipment to stop, should promptly stop feeding, otherwise it will cause squished impeller, burned the motor accidents. The above points is the need to pay particular attention to the clients.

In the device in use, should be properly do this a few requirements. In addition to counterattack type sand making machine, Shanghai Shanghai mechanism sand blasting equipment and sand washing machine, feeder, crusher etc.. Many equipment manufacturers also provide one-stop services, including equipment transportation and installation maintenance and personnel training, can do more meaningful for our customers save more time and energy on things.

Raymond Mody sounds very strange name, the professionals pointed out that Raymond mill is produced by the United States and get a special category of milling equipment. Raymond mill is now the most commonly used milling set, usually used mainly with a variety of minerals, gypsum, glass, cement, kaolin and other milling work.

Commonly used in the small Raymond mill are mainly 3216 Raymond mill, Raymond mill and other different types of Raymond mill, different types of classification is also for better for all types of items milling effect. The use of any kind of equipment, to strictly in accordance with the provisions of the preparatory work to do a good job in order to ensure the smooth and safe work carried out. So, for our common small Raymond mill, 3216 Raymond mill, for example, to explain Raymond mill work before the preparatory work to do what preparatory work?

Here, we carried out under the specific description: the first side, first of all for the Raymond mill before the maintenance problem, the operation site has not yet installed, the staff should be properly kept, Raymond mill exposed surface carefully coated with rust Grease, and must avoid the sun and rain, to prevent the body rusty water, the general formal business will establish a maintenance system. The second aspect: to advance with lifting tools, 2 to 3 tons, to prepare for contingencies, for the late installation and maintenance of Raymond mill.

ultrafine mill in the work process

By jwen4568, 2018-01-10
The first is the process of running host down frequently, the ultrafine mill temperature rise, the blower current drops and other phenomena, these problems need timely maintenance in the production process, maintenance, to prevent equipment damage


The second is the phenomenon of equipment will be blocked, causing this phenomenon may be due to feed too much, leading to a large number of ultrafine mill host material shunt plate (duct) blockage, resulting in ultrafine mill in operation In the shutdown, this time to stop and clean up;

The fourth is the poor exhaust pipe, causing the problem because the circulation of air flow repeatedly friction and wall friction, will cause the wall wet, resulting in powder adhesion in the ultrafine mill tube wall, resulting in pipe Blocking, this time need to open the ultrafine mill Yufeng pipe valve.


The above article describes the ultrafine mill in the work process often appear several anomalies, as well as the reasons for these anomalies and solutions, timely solutions to these anomalies, to avoid the impact of the production equipment.

Raymond mill production principle

By jwen4568, 2018-01-09
Raymond mill manufacturers in the entire system planning, the traditional secondary collection upgrade for the four to collect. In the case of Raymond mill without dust spill, the use of closed-loop negative pressure collection and controllable spill dry and wet series to collect the two methods coexist, so that the entire system in the collection of ultra-fine powder at the same time also put an end Reducing the pollution to the surrounding environment. 

With the user needs to continue to add and milling machine skills innovation, milling machine working principle and efficient, mill manufacturers to establish their own basic base, continue to seek skills to break and skills innovation, through the mill Working principle Machinery Research Institute unremitting efforts, independent research and development of a new generation of efficient milling equipment, Raymond mill production principle of the production of milling machine, ultra-fine milling machine processing stone powder reached thousands of heads, processed products widely used, Constitute a more professional, more economical and practical production line of powder to produce industrial powder for the mall industry to produce professional processing materials.

Raymond mill to the bellows and duct of the original water level to the middle of the skew to 30 degrees, the formation of bucket shape, to ensure that the bellows, the duct has been smooth and no clogging, and then keep the required air volume stability at the same time, further increased Raymond mill main machine milling high efficiency. 


Raymond mill in the machinery industry

By jwen4568, 2018-01-05
Raymond mill as the machinery industry, the originator of the flour industry, because of its continuous development of the times to upgrade, but also makes it have a better reputation and sales. In Chain  in recent years, more and more mechanical milling industry rise, also increased the use and sales for Raymond mill. So, on the area, many mechanical professionals pointed out that Raymond grinding is not good, Pingdu Lei Meng grinding there is no sale. So, the following on the Chain Raymond mill, we made the following related description: Pingdu Raymond professional sales staff pointed out that in recent years in Chain  especially Raymond mill sales is indeed a big step forward, in fact, Chain Raymond mill Of the extensive sales also means that the Chain milling industry has been the national standard level, for the use of Raymond mill norms also highlights our deep understanding of the machinery industry in Chain 

The industry will know, for Raymond mill, we will not only use, but also maintenance, then, the specific maintenance method is what? 'We made the following description: First, the first question is, Pingdu Raymond Grinding to prohibit the metal block into the host within, once found into the metal block, the need for professional staff to immediately remove the out, or Ray Ray will damage the blade even lead to spindle stuck. At the same time, on the other hand, when the feeding must be done evenly, can not suddenly more than suddenly, too much feeding will be Raymond grinding duct blocked, reduce the production of grinding, and even lead to motor burned. If the work process, the feed is too small, it will cause Raymond grinding mill production greatly reduced. 

Finally, the diameter of the material, especially the hard material, must be less than fifteen millimeters in terms of the particle size of the Raymond mill, and the soft material will need less than twenty millimeters. Of particular note, , To prevent the mine caused more damage Raymond, Raymond mill is the professional staff of Raymond mill maintenance of the introduction. At the same time, Chain Raymond mill professionals pointed out that the Pingdu Raymond mill air volume adjustment problem, Raymond mill is located in the fan into the air duct on the air flow control valve, generally see the largest location, according to the relevant Raymond mill The fineness, the amount of output required to adjust the amount of the appropriate direction. 

Colleagues, need to pay attention to the Raymond mill is located in the fan outlet dust pipe on the control valve, transferred to the feed port can be no dust spray. Another aspect of the air volume should not be too small, Raymond mill is too small, then the fan below the duct easy to precipitate the material, it must be adjusted to ensure the normal work performance.

ultrafine mill more manufacturers, making it difficult for customers to buy ultrafine mill when buying which house, this article mainly analyzes the ultrafine mill how to choose the problem.

The above two points are ultrafine mill has some advantages, these advantages are based on advanced production technology, but the introduction of these technologies are cost, so when you buy the customer to select those more formal manufacturers, you can ensure that Their advanced equipment technology, rather than to compete for 'adulteration', because such manufacturers are more focused on their own brand, not fraud.

This article describes the ultrafine mill manufacturers how to choose the situation, customers should choose when purchasing more formal manufacturers can ensure that the quality of the equipment purchased is better, and such manufacturers better after-sales service, you can make the device in the Transport problems in the future can find manufacturers to solve problems, to ensure the good operation of equipment.

the wind and waves to open sand market

By jwen4568, 2017-12-29

Our investment plan this year is broken the development of quartz sand making machine technology, hope to have a high yield of quartz crushing. at present our company has 0-5mm, 5-10mm quartz stone out of the material, 10-20mm, 20-30mm and other four kinds of aggregate, may I ask you what is the required size of the production of finished products?

Client: Indonesia building materials market in 0-5mm quartz sand are in great demand, are in the shortage of state. Our preliminary plans to have a daily production reached 2000 tons of quartz sand machine production line. 0-5mm of quartz sand is mainly suitable for highway construction and real estate construction, product quality requirements are very high, will give full consideration to the production need your our R amp; D center, design of sand production line system and efficient for you. Customer: Thank you very much, I hope we can cooperate happily. good cooperation.

According to the multi mines, quarries, urban construction waste disposal market demand, optimize the allocation of sand making machine constantly structure optimization and production line, from the Indonesia customers praise, the successful opening of the Southeast Asian market.

ultrafine mill at work, that the operation or a natural factor will affect its service life, thereby adversely affecting the production of the proceeds, in order to avoid this problem, we need to find the specific causes of the impact, and then make the appropriate solution , To ensure life expectancy.
The so-called man-made because it refers to the operation, the operation is not reasonable, it will make the production of more serious damage to parts, then the natural life of the machine will be shorter, and other human factors include maintenance and other operations, which will affect ultrafine mill life, we need our attention.
The natural factor is the quality of the equipment, and if it is of good quality, the damage done during work and after it is worn is relatively small, so that it has a longer life expectancy and is better suited for milling production lines Conversely, if the quality of the ultrafine mill itself is a problem, then at work, it will have a shorter life span.

Through the above description of the impact of natural factors on the life expectancy, we found that in order to ensure the life of this factor, we must ensure that its quality, so customers in the purchase of ultrafine mill, we must pay attention to its production of materials and process two Aspects, this is the main aspect of the impact on life expectancy.
The article describes the natural factors that affect the life of the ultrafine mill is what the problem, through the above introduction we can find that quality, to ensure this, you need to ensure that the production of materials and casting process, the customer selected Time, pay special attention to these two aspects.

What are the parts of ultrafine mill

By jwen4568, 2017-12-27
ultrafine mill in the process of running if there is a problem need to replace the ultrafine mill parts, to prevent a huge loss after the shutdown.
carousel Micro-grinding turntable is mainly to roll the roller stratification, each layer has a certain number of grinding roller, grinding roller in the turntable regularly arranged between the turntable and the outer periphery of the grinding roller mounted grinder. Turntable is not in direct contact with the ring, is linked by the roller. When the motor drives the main shaft and the turntable of each floor to rotate through the reducer, the material is squeezed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The material is firstly ground by the layer of the turntable. When being ground to a sufficient fineness, the material then falls into the second layer And for the third time more adequate crushing and grinding to achieve the desired particle size.shaft pin Micro-grinding wheel is installed in the middle of the spindle, driven by the motor spindle rotation, and then all levels of turntable rotation, around the turntable, the spindle is mounted around the axis of the pin is mainly used to fix the roller. Grinding roller layers layered between the turntable, the shaft pin and then reunification together to ensure the grinding roller fixed.