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ultrafine mill in the work process

By: jwen4568
Posted in: ultrafine mill
The first is the process of running host down frequently, the ultrafine mill temperature rise, the blower current drops and other phenomena, these problems need timely maintenance in the production process, maintenance, to prevent equipment damage


The second is the phenomenon of equipment will be blocked, causing this phenomenon may be due to feed too much, leading to a large number of ultrafine mill host material shunt plate (duct) blockage, resulting in ultrafine mill in operation In the shutdown, this time to stop and clean up;

The fourth is the poor exhaust pipe, causing the problem because the circulation of air flow repeatedly friction and wall friction, will cause the wall wet, resulting in powder adhesion in the ultrafine mill tube wall, resulting in pipe Blocking, this time need to open the ultrafine mill Yufeng pipe valve.


The above article describes the ultrafine mill in the work process often appear several anomalies, as well as the reasons for these anomalies and solutions, timely solutions to these anomalies, to avoid the impact of the production equipment.

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